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Blossom Insurance Blog Articles

The Secret to a Secure Retirement in Kenya: Pensions Insurance Explained

How would you like to ensure a comfortable retirement in Kenya and secure your financial future? Pensions insurance might be the answer you've been looking for. Pension insurance provides individuals with a steady income during their golden years and allows them to...

The One Thing You Can’t Afford to Go Without: Health Insurance

The purpose of Health Insurance is to cover the costs of medical expenses, which can be expensive and unexpected. In Kenya, medical insurance covers a variety of healthcare services, including hospital stays, surgery, and prescription medications. In the event that...

The One Thing You’re Forgetting to Pack: Travel Insurance

As we approach the holiday season, many Kenyans are eager to travel in preparation for the upcoming festivities, and it is crucial to think about important things like travel insurance. Whether you are looking forward to relaxing time with friends and family in the...

The Unexpected Ways Group Life Insurance Can Benefit Your Employees

The term "group life insurance" refers to a kind of life insurance policy that is purchased by an employer or organization on behalf of its employees or members.  How Group Life Insurance Provides Protection for Your Employees Upon the death of the policyholder,...